How to Check Keyword Rank on Google Using Long Tail Pro

By | August 23, 2017
Check Keyword Rank

Check Keyword Rank Using LTP

Long Tail Pro one of the most powerful keyword researching tool that most of the bloggers are using. Long Tail Pro has many features to find Long Tail Keywords, Keywords Rank Checker, Domain Availability Checker & also helpful to check Variation Keywords.

Now we are discuss about Google Keyword Rank Checker Tool Powered by Long tail Pro & you can easily get your google Keyword Ranking using Rank Checker Feature in Long Tail Pro. So we have added some simple steps that you can follow to Check Keyword Rank on Google.

Let’s get to the point –

2 Easy Steps to Check Keyword Rank on Google

Step 1

Keyword Rank Checker Tool

Open the Long Tail Pro & click on the Rank Checker which is shown in this image.

Step 2

Check Google Rank Keywords

Follow the steps which have highlighted in this image! These are the two steps to Check Google Keyword Rank. You can check your Keyword Ranking with help of these 2 easy steps.

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